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1 THE AWAKENED SHOGUN on Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:20 pm


He can has a magical sword that can conjure shadow objects and it can transform his swords into any kind of weapon he thinks. He can conjure shadow images that can fight for him, or teleport to one of his shadow images. He can teleport to any shade. And cannot be killed by any projectiles because because he can turn his body into a complete shadow thing. Some kind of Shadow ninja technique.

He cannot fight during day that is why he can only appear during night because he is powerless under the sun. Without complete shade he cannot use his power completely. And most of all his ultimate weakness is LOVE, because only love can stop him from doing anything.

No one ever know what the Awakened Shoguns personalities are, because no one ever talked with him. No one knows who are his friends or his families.

The Awakened Shogun is an asian male person with a 5.6 height and can be seen always wearing black coat, black pants, black cap, and black shoes. Some people who saw The Awakened Shogun was wearing only black clothes during morning and during the time he is hunting his prey.

Some say it all started when the city is filled with criminals and every street has a crime and the cops are doing nothing that time, because of corrupt politician and corrupt law makers. Even the cops are being paid by those sydicates. And then someone stand up against those people. A person who swore that he shall avenge all those who needs justice and all those people who have suffered to this land that was meant to be free against tyranny for other peoples by using they're wealth and power to abuse this country. And then the Awakened Shogun was born to fight crime as a vigilante and be a hero for those who cannot defend themselves against those corrupt wealthy peoples who wants to abuse the law.


Every street are filled with criminals. Everyday a crime always occur, every innocent dies day by day and not one is trying to stop them. And then The Awakened Shogun appeared to cleanse this lands and free those peoples from being killed from this land. And then he saw an old lady being picked by some gang.

"Hey old lady whats inside your bag? Is there something your trying to hide from us?" the gang leader spoke as the old lady felt the fear that it might be the end of her life.

And then our hero approached the gangs and said "Beg for mercy for all those sins you have done, beg now before its too late". As the our hero changes his stance to ready his sword. While the old lady escape from the gang members by being distracted by our hero.

The gang leader replied, "Who are you anyway? You cannot tell us what to do, begging for mercy is for the weak. Look how all those peoples we killed beg like bunch of insects." As the gang leader pointed his fingers toward the Awakened Shogun.

And He replied "May god have mercy upon your souls, my sword shall cut your souls and i shall cleanse this very land from all your existence to cleanse this land." As he unsheathe his sword in front of them.

After unsheathing his sword he suddenly disappeared, and suddenly 1 gang member fall to the ground like nothing happened at all. All of the gang members where shocked that a member of they're gang got killed instantly in just a blink of an eye.

And our hero appeared behind them and said "You shall see the meaning of terror, begging for mercy is to late and no one can save you all. You shall pay for all your crime you did. Just stay still while i slice you all one by one.

One by one as the gang members fall to the ground. Every slice and someone dies. The scream of every them being sliced up can be heard by other criminals. As the criminals try to find out where the screaming came from. They saw that the well known gang was destroyed by a man with a sword. But the criminals did not run but instead they wanted to show they're strength so they would be well known.

As the time passes by the street was filled with silent and every corner has a dead body lying around and sliced up.

And One man was standing in the middle of the road as he sheathe his sword and whispered "I will hunt those corrupt politicians to give justice for those victims. I shall continue my hunt until i completely cleansed this land. For i am Awakened Shogun shall make my blade cut bastards." As he walks toward the municipal hall to end the corruption.



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2 Re: THE AWAKENED SHOGUN on Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:56 pm


Smile Smile Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Very Happy

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3 Re: THE AWAKENED SHOGUN on Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:16 pm

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa grabe... Wala man lang Opinion sa post mo :3

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