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Original Character Rules

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1 Original Character Rules on Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:06 am

Create a thread in this section.

Your thread must follow these rules:
-You can write in either english of tagalog. Whichever you are comfortable with.

-You must have a demonstration battle and storyline/history of your OC

-The demonstration battle must (at the very least) be 300 words. Not only is it for showcasing your skill in writing, but it's also for getting a feel for your style.

-Your OC Page MUST follow the OC Page Format shown below.

OC Page Format
Here is the format for your OC page. Your thread will be locked if there is a missing section.

- Name
- Abilities
- Weaknesses
- Personality
- Appearance
- Story
- Demonstration
- Battles you've finished
- Points of how much you've won/lost/drawed/forfeited

It should look like this:

Name: <Enter name here>

Try to be original. Being original is more fun right?
And please don't make him/her/it overpowered.

Your OC should have a weakness. So that your opponent will have ideas on how to defeat you.

Be creative
But do not write something like: "He's gay and he uses chopsticks to kill since birth." It's allowed but it's ugly

How does your OC generally act? Try to be as descriptive as you can, as a personality will determine every action of your fighter in battles.

Describe the appearance of your OC. You can add a picture but it's not really required.

Demo: A small little written piece (300 words minimum, but the more, the merrier!) showcasing your style of writing and abilities.

Battles: (link of a battle thread that you have participated)

Points: 0/0/0/0 or 0/7/1/0 For example


NOTE: Please have only one OC page at a time. If you want to change your official OC, you must replace your current one.



Momo Spark

Momo can store and release electricity on her body as a form of attack and defense. She can also directly transfer them from the power source. Note that she cannot produce her own electricity.

Most of the time, Momo directly transfers electric jolts to her target to shock it by touching,  punching, and kicking them (She likes to punch and kick because it's badass). She can also use this at the ground to create an electric shock wave, knocking anything in a two meter radius back. As a form of defense, Momo creates an electric barrier which repels any weak form of attack. When destroyed, the barrier unleashes an electrical feed that damages anything in a one meter radius. Another special thing is that she can magnetize herself in concrete structures by transmitting a large amount of electrons in a certain part of her body to attract the protons in the other objects.

When out of power, she can recharge her energy by absorbing power in an electric power source.

Most of her abilities are melee so Momo is always at a disadvantage when fighting in a ranged combat. And she runs out of power depending on how strong her attack is. So it means that she can't really spam her strong attacks if she doesn't want to run out of power quickly. She can't use her abilities when in low power except if she is attached on a power source.

Momo is a short tempered, tomboyish girl. She's also prideful and is insecure to those women who act in a very girly attitude. She has an immature attitude and will easily get angry in small matters. Aside from her negative traits, she has a strong sense of justice where she feels that she needs to help someone who is in trouble. But it doesn't stop her from doing illegal things like shocking an ATM to make it release a lot of money and erasing her image in the camera footage afterwards. Momo likes strawberries specially strawberry cakes. She doesn't like cocky people because they get in her nerves and it makes her feel like shocking them to crisp. The thrill of a battle makes Momo excited specially if it can push her to her limits and test her abilities.

Momo is a 16 year old high school student who has a short, black hair and a pair of brown, charming eyes. She's more or less 160 centimeter tall. Her white skin has a pinkish white tone on it. Momo always wears peach or yellow colored sleeved shirts. She either wears a skirt with a short shorts under it or just simple jeans. Her converse brand sneakers are paired with long, ash colored loose socks.

Momo is an orphan who was born with supernatural powers. She was raised by street children in the dangerous urban jungle. Eventually, the scientists of Juperos Industries, a company that deals with experimental science and military research, took her in in their laboratory at an early age of five for expiremantal and study purposes and how to make use of her as a weapon. But after two years of trial and errors in training, the scientists never found a way for her to produce her own electricity which other electromancers, electricity users can do. They planned to get rid of her because there are other useful electromancers out there and they don't want to spend more budget on conducting special trainings on her. Momo was left alone without anything except her laboratory gown. Desperate to live, she used her electric powers on ATMs to get enough money and she erased her image on the security cameras. Using this money, she bought her food supplies, her own clothes, her own house, and enrolled herself in a school. Not literally because she paid grown ups to do these tasks for her. I mean, a seven year old girl isn't allowed to do these kinds of transactions

Momo is now a highschool student and she now has a part time job as a cashier in McDonalds. She wants to earn her own money and she doesn't want to do those illegal hacking techniques anymore. But she still does it. Even if she works in a popular fast food chain, she stills goes to BerryMix Cafe to buy her favorite caramell coffee and strawberry cake every friday. Sometimes, people called Rock Hard Gladiators challenges her to a battle and she doesn't know why. But of course she doesn't back down from challenges.

She lives a normal, battle filled life now. Not knowing that these will not happen if she ever succeeded in producing electricity during the expirements. Because if she does, she's now a living power plant. So... what actually happened to the other electromancers who was in the lab with her?


What time is it? It's time to eat strawberry cake in my favorite coffee shop, BerryMix Cafe! It's a part of my weekly routine to dig in on a delicious cake with a caramel coffee every friday night. But before I even bit a single slice of my cake, my electric radar sensed two people getting near

"Hi pretty, wanna play with us?"

Ugh, not this again. Two goons approached me with an ugly smirk on their faces and yes, they're creepy. And who wants to play with these guys anyway? They're not into playing, actually because we all know what these delinquents are up to. I sipped my coffee, trying my best to ignore them. I'm giving them a chance to get away from my wrath. It's my strawberry friday after all.

"Come on, we just wanna have some fun you know?" His face is getting close and his hand is trying to touch my cheek. Now, this is not the same scenario. Electricity came flowing on my arms, waiting to be released as a powerful attack. The moment he touches me, he'll be roasted meat.

"Get lost shitheads!" A tall guy appeared. He has a messy black hair with red highlights. A collar was attached on his neck and he is carrying a large… uhh… lamp post? Based on his looks, he's just another one of those creepy delinquents. But wait. How did he get in anyway?

"What did you say?!" The goons turned their back on me as they faced the messy haired guy.

"I fucking ordered you to get lost!" He said in gritted teeth as he was about to draw his lamp post. "Leave this helpless little girl alone." I almost spit my coffee. Me? A helpless little girl?! Who the hell does he think I am?!

"Le-let's go dude. He looks like a dangerous figher" the other goon said. The lamp post scared him as the two of them were weaponless. They'ed be wiped out in one cleave. But seriously? They’re scared?

"Tsk! We'll be back! Boss will surely beat you in a pulp!" He said, walking straight to the door to go out. The messy haired guy sat in the chair on the same table as I am.

"What are you doing in this place alone in the middle of the night? Young ladies should stay at home by this time." He said.

I glared at him. "It's none of your business"

"It's not everyday that a gutfull hero comes and saves the day you know?" He explains while eating my strawberry cake. Wait.... He's eating my strawberry cake?! I slammed the table with my electric charged arm. He's not acting like a hero nor he wants to save me! He just wants my cake! What a stupid modus operandi. Even I can make a better crime than this.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I shouted angrily, trying my best to get my hands on the cake but he stood and raised it up.

"I'm eating"  he calmly stated with a smile on his face as he was about to run away. Well, it's his unlucky day because he can't escape my wrath.

But before I electrified him to a crisp, group of hooligans suddenly swarmed us and forcefully pulled him outside the Cafe. Wow, they're fast. The guys were too strong that he can't even fight back. So this is the hero that he's talking about? Geez. On the process, my precious cake was spilled on the floor.

"How dare they" My innocent cake that has nothing to do with this mess tasted the bitterness of life. My cake.

Well, that guy may die because of those goons and I have nothing to do with it. He deserved it in my opinion because he... He wasted my cake. But my sense of justice tells me that I should help him. And besides, I should be the one who will kick the crap out of him.

I quickly finished my coffee. Of course I have to. I paid for that you know? After that, I immediately rushed outside. They're not here anymore but I'm sure they aren't far. I made the electricity in my feet push against the concrete road so that I could leap higher. And as I do, I magnetized my foot on the side of a tall building so that I can run sideways on it. This way, I got to get a good view of what's below and find them quickly.

I jumped from the side of buildings after another and finally, I found them in an alley. The goons are beating up the helpless guy and it feels like they're not going to stop until he's dead. I jumped and magnetized my body in an electric power pole to quietly get a view of them.

"No no no stop it! Ahhh! Shi-!"  He spit a lot of blood as a mace landed on his stomach. Oww that sure hurts a lot.

"Hah! Serves you right!" The guy with a hammer said. Based on his looks and the way he's at the middle of everybody, he may be the leader of this gang. It's just a maybe. "Jason, it's time to burn his face" he continued.

"With pleasure, boss." Another guy approached as flames slowly appeared on his hands. A fire user, crap!

I jumped from above before I attracted the electricity on my foot on the concrete road. As I landed in the middle of everyone, an electric shock wave caused everybody else to be knocked back five to six meters away from me. And when I say everybody, it includes the cake stealer who was glued at the wall because of the impact. "Fuck! Are you trying to kill me too?!" He shouted in pain. Exactly!

"An electric user! Burn him Jason!" Their boss shouted as he tried to stand up from being knocked down at the floor.

The Jason guy started throwing fireballs at me so I created an electric barrier and charged straight to him. His fireballs seem weak, and I was right as they aren't enough to destroy my barrier. I then unleashed my electricity filled superpunch, throwing him straight to the wall.

"Pikachu! Look out!" The messy haired guy shouted. Wait, who's he calling Pikachu?

Before I knew it, a large mace came flying straight at me. It's the boss guy's weapon! It broke my barrier and I was hurt by the impact as I was not able to dodge it.

"What are you waiting for?! Get her!"

The others charged forward at me as their boss tried to get his mace back. Not good for me. I jumped backwards before I kicked an empty can of coke. I transmitted a lot of electric energy at the can so that it can have an accelerated speed and an electric field around it.

Their bodies came flying like a wind blown paper as if they are hit by a speedy car. I made sure that no one died in that attack but I can't guarantee that nobody's got a broken bone or two. They're all down except for the guy who finally had a happy reunion with his mace after a five second separation.

"You may be strong, bitch. But you're not strong enough to beat me!"
He angrily shouted as he charged straight at me. He lifted his mace up and smashed it on me

"Well, whatever"
I put my arm on his face after I evaded his slow attack. I'm about to electrify him until he faints but... a couple of seconds already passed by and nothing happened. Shit! I don't have enough power left to shock him! I should've recharged at the electric power pole back then, silly me. He's up for another attack so I'm so dead right now.

Hopefully, I got a very small amount of electricity left in my body which is enough to make the nearest wall pull me away to evade the attack. I haven't landed on the wall yet when my power was completely depleted so my back slammed on the wall as I don't have the energy to ease my landing. Oh great, I'm badly hurt again.

He ran towards me again to attack me but luckily, there's a telephone beside me and it means power. I directly transferred the electricity on my foot as I was about to kick a stone straight to his stomach. This attack is the same to what I did to his underlings earlier but this time, it's a single target ability. In short, more pain and broken bones

And there he goes, sleeping soundly on the floor with his underlings. I hope it's not an eternal slumber.

"Next time, don't act like a hero if you can't even defend yourself okay? I wasted my precious time on saving you. Geez."

Wait, who am I talking to? He's not here anymore. After all I did to save him I didn't even get a single "thank you" from him?! He's so... ugh! I should've left him alone.



HEH! Galing kong mag english no? XD
Trip ko eh hahahaha

So um... Goodluck!

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2 Re: Original Character Rules on Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:41 am


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